At home

Over 80% of individuals primarily charge their vehicles at home, often without any smart charging management.

Take control of your home charging experience with our platform and optimize your costs while managing your energy consumption.

Monitor and control your charging in real time

Through its partnerships, Dreev provides individuals with a charging management application. The goal: to empower everyone to control their charging in real time.

With this app, you can optimize your “electric fill-up” based on your electricity subscription and any off-peak hours, as well as the subscribed power of your home. At any time, you can modify the time at which you want your vehicle to be charged.

Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can visualize the state of charge of your battery at any time, receive personalized advice and indications on the CO2 footprint of the recharge.

Eco-friendly charging

Congratulations, by switching to electric mobility, you have taken a significant step towards reducing your CO2 emissions. Dreev offers you the opportunity to go even further by managing your charging based on your home’s photovoltaic production. Do you have solar panels installed in your home? You can recharge when their production is high.

Users can share information about their location, the power of their photovoltaic panels, and their orientation. Dreev aggregates this information along with advanced weather data. As a result, the battery is charged according to the mobility needs expressed by the customer.

By maximizing self-consumption, you establish a link between the energy transition tools in your home and contribute to its acceleration.

Exclusive features

A cross-platform charging solution

Dreev is your ideal partner for smart-charging projects. We offer solutions to reduce charging costs and facilitate the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid.

A Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) compatible solution

Today, Dreev lets you control the charging of your electric vehicle. Tomorrow, we will go one step further with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. This will make it possible to feed electricity from the battery directly back into your home. The possibilities are numerous: recharge when electricity prices are low and discharge when they’re high, optimize the use of your photovoltaic panels, or provide remunerated services to the grid.

Dreev is a specialist in this technology, and has already deployed several hundred charging stations in France. V2G terminals are not yet available for private customers. Dreev is in contact with car manufacturers to provide you with this possibility in the near future.

To find out more about Vehicle-to-Grid technology, click here.

How to manage your EV charging at home?

Dreev has developed a software solution designed to connect with players in the recharging ecosystem to deliver an optimized charging experience. Capable of exchanging data with vehicles, electric meters, charging station supervisors and the power grid, the Dreev platform positions itself as a central operator.

We offer our service as a white label, to leverage the flexibility offered by electric vehicles. The gains generated can be directly visible on the electricity bill or redistributed. At all times, our priority is to respect users’ mobility needs.