Dreev, expert in electricity markets and smart charging, supports you in analyzing and optimizing the charging of your electric vehicle fleet.

Optimize the cost of charging

A fleet-friendly tool

Take control of your fleet’s charging with Dreev. Our optimization platform ensures charging at the best cost while respecting operational constraints. Connected in real-time to electricity markets, Dreev offers a quick and efficient solution to reduce charging costs.

We facilitate the electrification process with a transparent and user-friendly service. Our visualization interface allows you to see the gains in real-time.

Take control of your fleet charging

Optimise charging according to your criteria

At Dreev, we believe that charging should be simple and economical. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into designing an easy-to-use and efficient management platform. Our solution allows users to control the charging of their vehicles to leverage the flexibility offered by electric vehicles. We can manage charging based on electricity markets as well as the photovoltaic production of your site.

Exclusive features

Examples of major project

As part of its EV100 program, EDF is committed to electrifying 100% of its light vehicle fleet by 2030 (excluding emergency intervention vehicles following major climatic events). The EV100 project is also an opportunity to implement innovative electric mobility solutions within the EDF Group, paving the way for robust and high-performance future offers for our clients. Indeed, this transition to electric mobility represents a significant challenge for the Group, particularly in terms of grid management and operating costs.

Managing the charging of electric vehicles allows for avoiding peak consumption periods in France. It also helps reduce the operating costs of electric vehicles by charging them when electricity prices are lowest.

Dreev thus manages several thousand charging stations at EDF SA’s production and office sites. This solution is based on a management platform that controls the power of the charging stations. The platform calculates the best time to charge each vehicle, considering user needs, grid constraints, and electricity rates.

For users, there is a guarantee of minimum charging. At any time, they can activate a ‘forced charging at maximum power’ if needed.

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