Join Dreev in the major European deployment program for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology!

Dreev has been selected to deploy 800 V2G charging stations across Europe, including in France. This project, named EVVE (Environmental Valorization of Virtual Electricity storage), showcases the contribution of this technology to decarbonizing transportation and promoting low-carbon energy.

The EVVE project: creating a giant virtual battery of over 8 MW

An ambitious European-scale project

The EVVE program aims to establish a comprehensive Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) infrastructure across Europe by deploying 800 bi-directional charging stations. These innovative stations will enable electric vehicles to not only be charged from the grid but also to feed their stored energy back into the grid when needed. This will effectively create a giant virtual battery with a capacity of 8.36 MW, powered by the collective energy reserves of hundreds of compatible electric vehicles.

Funded by the European Innovation Fund, this project will benefit businesses and communities that want to electrify their vehicle fleets. These stations will also be deployed as part of the EV100 initiative within the EDF group, which aims to convert 100% of its light vehicle fleet to electric by 2030.

EVVE Project in Figures

How will this virtual battery work?

Dreev will control the charging and discharging of hundreds of electric vehicles via its platform, enabling it to optimise flows in real time on the basis of the state of charge of the vehicles, the needs of users, electricity tariffs and the constraints and needs of the electricity network.

In addition to deploying 800 bi-directional charging points by the end of 2025, the EVVE demonstrator aims to extend the functionalities of V2G to prepare for its development on a larger scale, optimise its economic performance and increase the volume of CO₂ avoided. Feedback on the project’s progress will be shared regularly to increase awareness of the technology, contributing to its continuous improvement.

Join the EVVE programme

Would you like to optimise the recharging of your fleet of electric vehicles, reduce your CO2 emissions and take part in an innovative programme on a European scale? Join EVVE and benefit from V2G charging points installed at your sites. Contact us directly using the contact form. We will examine your project together to assess its relevance and enable you to benefit from subsidies for the installation of these charging stations.

Map of installations in France and Europe