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Dreev is the #1 operator in France for V1G and V2G solutions.

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What do all our use cases have in common?

The user experience: Simply plug in your vehicle and it will be charged when you need it. With our seamless service, you can save significantly and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

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Our advantages for your vehicles

How does the DREEV platform work?

The DREEV platform connects the electric mobility world (charging stations, vehicles) with the electrical system (local electrical system and national and European energy markets).

Leveraging advanced optimization algorithms, we optimize the charging (V1G) and even the discharging (V2G) of electric vehicles to meet charging needs at an unmatched cost and minimal carbon footprint. We make our API available to allow all stakeholders to connect to our platform and offer the Dreev service.

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What is smart charging?

Dynamic unidirectional charging control (V1G)

Leveraging V1G technology, we optimize your vehicle’s charging process by considering your mobility needs, the local grid, and economic incentives within the electricity markets.

The Dreev platform aggregates vehicle charging needs, available building power, photovoltaic production, and economic signals from the electrical system. Our goal is to manage charging in real time to ensure it occurs at the most optimal times each day. We harness the flexibility of electric vehicles to generate savings and reduce your electricity bill.

Furthermore, Dreev takes into account CO2 emissions, battery aging parameters, and much more, to guarantee you the most economical and eco-friendly charging experience.

To go a step further

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology enables bidirectional charging management. Electric vehicles and their batteries are used as a means of storing electricity when they are plugged in. This management allows for cost savings, reduction in CO2 emissions, and easier integration of renewable energies into the grid, while ensuring mobility needs are met.

Dreev collaborates with automakers to accelerate the deployment of this technology. We have deployed several hundred charging stations in France, thereby contributing to the resilience of the electrical system. Our solution is certified by RTE for the provision of grid services.