Photovoltaic optimisation

Using the sun to recharge your electric vehicles!

Dreev can control the charging of electric vehicles based on photovoltaic production. We make the link between the solar installation and the charging power of the charging point. This solution is based on a predictive tool that controls charging according to sunshine forecasts and vehicle requirements.

The Dreev platform makes it possible to adjust electricity consumption according to photovoltaic production, with no additional equipment to install!

How does it work?

  • A solution adapted to your solar panels: The solution works with any photovoltaic panels you already have or want to install in the future. All you have to do is specify the characteristics of your panels: power, inclination and orientation… and that’s it.
  • Solar production forecast: Dreev constantly forecasts the production of solar energy at your home or business site using weather forecasts and the characteristics of your installation. It also analyses the data in real time via the electricity meter to determine the amount of energy available at any given time.
  • Optimised recharging: using our advanced algorithms, the recharging management application determines the best time to recharge the electric vehicle based on solar production and electricity supply tariffs.
  • Visualisation of the economic and ecological benefits: We enable you to visualise the savings generated on your electricity bill, as well as the number of ‘solar kilometres’ recharged and the corresponding CO2 savings.

This solution is available to individuals, businesses and local authorities. As part of the Flexitanie programme, several dozen charging points are linked to our system to control recharging according to local photovoltaic production. The result is lower bills, optimised self-consumption and avoided CO₂ emissions.

Production photovoltaïque le vendredi 5 juillet 2024 – Données RTE

During the day, photovoltaic solar energy can cover more than 20% of total electricity consumption in France. Dreev plays a key role in linking photovoltaic production to the recharging of electric vehicles. This intelligent management enables renewable energies and electric mobility to be better integrated into the electricity grid. Periods of high solar production often coincide with very low electricity tariffs. By optimising charging, businesses can take advantage of prices that can approach 0 EUR/MWh.

Price of electricity on the Spot market on Friday 5 July 2024 – RTE data