Discover Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), a revolution in electric mobility.

At Dreev, the leader in two-way charging in France, with the largest fleet of V2G charging stations. Rely on our expertise to propel your projects towards a more sustainable and economical energy future.

Vehicle-to-Grid technology, the future of recharging

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology transforms electric vehicles into mobile batteries, offering significant benefits for users and the electricity grid. By optimising charging costs, storing energy produced by renewable sources and improving grid stability, V2G represents a major step forward in the energy transition.

V2G is based on bi-directional charging stations, capable of charging and discharging the batteries of electric vehicles. This technology makes it possible to store electricity when it is abundant and inexpensive, such as at night when wind generation is high. The energy can then be fed back into the grid or used in buildings during periods of high demand, when electricity is more expensive and often produced by CO₂-emitting thermal power stations.

Thanks to V2G, electric vehicles play a crucial role in managing fluctuations in electricity production and consumption, an increasingly pressing need as the share of renewable energy increases. This flexibility offered by V2G not only helps to reduce CO₂ emissions, but also ensures a more stable and cost-effective energy supply.

A leader in V2G technology in France and Europe

Dreev has installed several hundred V2G charging stations for local authorities and businesses in France and Europe. This feedback has enabled us to hone our expertise in integrating this technology simply and effectively.

Simplified operation:

Stay in control: Your vehicle is always charged according to your needs.
Real-time monitoring: Use the Dreev mobile application to track the progress of your ‘electric fill-up’ (km) and plan your journeys.
Total flexibility: At any time, you can ‘force’ the charge and deactivate the automated control system.
Plug in, and we’ll take care of the rest!

At the heart of our mission is the intelligent management of numerous connected charging points, while ensuring that each vehicle is charged according to its owner’s needs.

Thanks to our deployment as part of the Flexitanie and EVVE programmes, we have demonstrated the technological maturity of our solution and its potential for large-scale deployment.

Dreev est certifiée par Réseau Transport d’Electricité (RTE) pour rendre des services au réseau électrique. Dreev contribue ainsi à la stabilisation de la fréquence du réseau via la réserve primaire. Ce service consiste à contenir en 30 sec les dérivations de fréquence de ± 0.05 Hz. La fréquence du réseau électrique doit rester aux alentours de 50 Hz. Ce service est rémunéré par RTE et les gains peuvent être rétrocédés aux clients. De manière générale, la technologie V2G est identifiée comme disposant d’un potentiel majeur pour rendre des services de stabilisation au réseau électrique (lien RTE).

A certified technology

Dreev is certified by Réseau Transport d’Électricité (RTE) to provide grid services. Thanks to this certification, Dreev can contribute to the stabilisation of the grid frequency via the primary reserve. The electricity network must maintain a frequency close to 50 Hz, and this service enables deviations of ± 0.05 Hz to be corrected within 30 seconds.

This stabilisation service is remunerated by RTE, and the profits can be redistributed to our customers. V2G technology is recognised for its major potential to provide stabilisation services to the power grid, demonstrating its importance to a sustainable energy future (see RTE website).

Prochaines étapes

Next steps

Dreev works closely with major car manufacturers to help them integrate V2G technology. Dreev is your ideal partner for the French and European market.
Currently, V2G technology is compatible with the CHAdeMO standard, used by Nissan and Mitsubishi electric vehicles as well as the Citroën C0 and Peugeot iOn models in France. Dreev has deployed several hundred charging points using this standard.

Dreev is now introducing the first charging stations compatible with the European CCS standard, in response to growing market needs. The development of V2G technology in Europe is accelerating with the launch of electric vehicles compliant with the CCS Combo 15118-20 standard. Several major European manufacturers have already announced their intention to incorporate V2G technology into their future vehicles.

Instructional video on how V1G / V2G work (French)